Earth Science Week



Join the School of Earth Sciences and the Orton Geological Museum in celebrating Earth Science Week and National Fossil Day

Earth Science Week 2022 is October 9-15. In celebration, each day we will highlight a rock, mineral, or fossil that tells an interesting story, and helps expand our understanding of the world around us. Visit here or on our Facebook Page (@ortongeologicalmuseum). Click here for Stones with Stories 2022.

This year, we have a special scavenger hunt for kids. Fill out the scavenger hunt, either on paper or digitally, and bring it to the DinOStore in the Orton Museum for a prize- a rock, mineral, or fossil!


What were our past Earth History Week events?

Click here to see our 2021 celebration, Stones with Stories.

In 2020, our celebration was all virtual, with an installation of a Digital Exhibit of Ohio fossils, a new video, and a special live talk.

In 2019, our celebration of National Fossil Day (October 16, 2019) was also a celebration of the first anniversary of the installation of the Cryolophosaurus skeleton in Orton Hall’s lobby. Activities include carnival-style games, fossil digs, museum tours and talks.

Please join us next year for our Earth Science Week celebrations!!