Arrange a Museum Tour

A guided tour of the exhibit hall covers the geologic history of Ohio, from its oldest surface rocks of the Orodovician Period of 470 million years ago to the Ice Age deposits of 15,000 years ago.  During the tour real fossils are passed around including trilobites, corals, brachiopods, and mammoth & mastodon teeth.  A minimum of ten people is required, and guided tours are not given to groups younger than about fourth grade or for groups of more than 25 people at a time (although we don't mind doing it multiple times for larger groups).

Many groups like to pair a tour of the exhibit hall with the Rocks & Minerals program.  See the "Geology Program for Youth Groups" in the Education section.

Call (614-292-6896) or e-mail ( Dale M. Gnidovec to arrange a tour of the Orton Geologial Museum. Groups from schools, scouting troops, and other organizations are welcome.  Mondays through Fridays 8 am to 5 pm are best, but evening and Saturday sessions can be arranged.

Silurian rocks of Ohio