Give to Orton Geological Museum

Support Ohio’s Geological Legacy: The Orton Geological Museum, Founded in 1893 by Ohio State’s first president, Edward Orton, Sr.

For more than 120 years, the Orton Geological Museum has played an important role in teaching, outreach and research: 

  •  Hosting more than 13,000 visitors annually – Ohio State students, K-12 school groups, scouts, community groups, scientists from around the world.

Exhibit hall displays—our public face—have changed little since installation in 1983. It is time for a face-lift that our STEM outreach deserves; 

  • Complete renovation of museum space—rocks, minerals, fossils and Ohio geology remain the primary focus;
  • New exhibit cases and lighting;
  • Museum expansion—into the downstairs hallway, second floor landing, and front stairway
  • Front stairwell—lower floor to second floor landing— a to-scale timeline;
  • Lower level:  significance of geology/geologic products in everyday lives;
  • Second floor lobby:  glacial geology, glaciology climate;
  • First floor lobby: mounted cast of dinosaur, Cryolophosaurus ellioti, greeting visitors entering from Oval.

This renovation has the potential to double or triple Orton’s visitors, enhancing the research mission of The Ohio State University.

Please help us renew the legacy of Edward Orton, Sr.

We seek funds to move this project to the next phase, which is completion of detailed concept plans and development of specific content of new exhibits. This is an influential phase for future fund raising—each dollar has high impact.

Contact Dale Gnidovec (614-292-6896; or Bill Ausich (614-292-3353; with questions.

Please make checks payable to The Ohio State University (Orton Museum Support Fund #308759); Mail to: School of Earth Sciences, 125 South Oval Mall, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, Attn: Dale, or Bill.
You can also donate online.

Your support of the Orton Geological Museum will educate the next generation of scientists and guardians of our precious geological heritage.