The Orton Geological Museum is open to the public from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. The Museum is available at other times by appointment. Individuals and groups are welcome any time for a self-guided tour.

For more information on guided tours, see the "Arrange a Museum Tour" section.

Geology Program for Youth Groups

Starting in a conference room, I explain how minerals are identified and how the three main types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary & metamorphic) are formed as I pass around about 40 good samples. We then go to the exhibit hall and discuss fossils and the geologic history of Ohio as I pass around real fossils including a trilobite, horn coral, and mammoth tooth.  Each part takes about 50 minutes, and it is best to do them back-to-back, so plan on spending almost two hours.

The program works best for kids in fourth grade and above, and a minimum of nine kids is required. I can comfortably handle groups of up to about 24 people (but can move in a few more chairs if needed) and up to that number I encourage as many parents, grandparents, and siblings to attend as possible - adults tell me they get as much out of the program as the kids do.

Some groups like to do it at their regular meeting time and others like to have it as a special field trip on an evening or weekend. I can do it almost any time but evenings and Saturdays are preferred.


Silurian fossil cephalopod

Guided tours and geology programs can be scheduled by contacting the curator,
Dale M. Gnidovec (; 614-292-6896).